Judge Miskel’s Investiture

The Collin County community gathered on October 23, 2015, to celebrate the investiture of Emily Miskel as judge of the 470th district court.


The Golden Corridor Republican Women newsletter published the following description of the event:

Many GCRW members braved monsoon rains to attend 470th District Court Judge Emily Miskel’s investiture ceremony on Friday October 23. Judge Jill Willis served as emcee of the ceremony, with Fifth District Court of Appeals Justice Ada Brown administering the oath of office. Other participants in the ceremony included Senator Van Taylor, State Representative Scott Sanford, Collin County Judge Keith Self, KoonsFuller Partner Rick Robertson, Judge Frances Harris, and State Representative Matt Shaheen. Jillian Miskel, Judge Miskel’s two-year-old daughter, led the audience in the most adorable pledge ever.

Congressman Sam Johnson appeared by video from Washington, D.C., and Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett appeared by video from Paris, France. The speeches were funny and the mood was light, and then Judge Miskel made us all cry through our laughter. During her heartfelt speech, Judge Miskel thanked all the GCRW women who have taken her under their wings and mentored her for several years. And how special to adjourn to the 470th courtroom for a warm and intimate reception!

GCRW 25th Anniversary Luncheon

The Golden Corridor Republican Women 25th Anniversary Luncheon was a wonderful event.  About 500 people attended, including most of our elected officials.  Suzanne Blackstone did a wonderful job heading up the planning.  Chris Salcedo MC’ed the fast-moving program, which included words from Van Taylor, Sam Johnson, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton, among others.  The women judges and commissioners also sang a fun song with Judge Jill Willis (ukelele) and Angela Paxton (guitar) accompanying.

GCRW 25th Luncheon

Builders of Justice Dinner

Judge Miskel had a wonderful time attending the 2015 Builders of Justice Progressive Dinner on the Square in McKinney.  The event benefits Legal Aid of Northwest Texas.  Congratulations to Judge Scott Becker and Mary Tacher, who were honored for their contributions and efforts.

Builders of Justice

I also ran into a highschool classmate from TAMS who now works for Tyler Technologies – great to see you Lisa!


Hope Women’s Center Banquet

The Hope Women’s Center banquet was a wonderful event.  It was inspiring to hear how they use messages of love and worthiness to work with people who are experiencing deep struggles.  It was great to be surrounded by so many loving and Christ-focused people.  Thank you to Derek Baker for inviting me!


Collin County Clerks Crock-Pot Cook-Off

Had a blast on Wednesday judging the Collin County clerks’ crock-pot cook-off.  Judges Miskel, McCraw, and Willis tasted 12 fabulous dishes and had the difficult task of choosing the best one.  Everything was delicious, and the event was great fun.  Thank you to the clerks for inviting us!